January 5, 2011 | Posted in: Philosophy

Ok.  So I’ve been thinking about it forever.  Writing a daily blog.  Finally, after doing everything I could possibly do to avoid actually sitting down and getting it done, I sat down and did it.  Why?  After listening to trusted friends and loved ones encouraging me to write, I finally felt it was the right thing to do.

My passion in life is to teach.  It hasn’t been a profession per se [as in teaching elementary school children].  I’ve taught primarily as a business coach.  But over the last few years, I realize I’ve got a whole lot more to talk about than just how to build a business.  Life experiences have pulled me through some brutal knot holes, and somehow, someway, I came through them a much better person.  Doesn’t matter how down and dirty it got, I’m thriving.  And, it seems sharing my experiences are relevant to what many are going through right now.

First, I’m happily married.  Have been for nearly 30 years (granted there were a couple of very rocky years somewhere back there in the first decade). Bob.  My heart still races when I see him walking towards me — be it from across a crowded convention room or right here at home.  Between us, we have three children.  Yours.  Mine.  And ours.  They’re all grown-up now.

I’ve been self-employed for 28 years.  Started in direct selling in 1983.  It morphed into network marketing a few years later.  For the last 15 years I’ve been the primary bread winner.  It took awhile to get the role reversal thing to work for us, but we were able to figure it out.  By choice, my husband wears the pants in our family … but what I have to say is heard and seriously considered.  We’re equal as far as the partnership is concerned but oh so very different in terms of what we bring to the marriage.  I bring the vision, passion and energy.  He brings the strength, logic and stability.  We’re good together.

If you’re searching for some answers, or a little guidance, or maybe some coaching, and you plan to stick around, I’ve got lots to say about what it takes to build a successful marriage, family, business and life.  Your taking the time to listen matters and I’m glad you’re here.